Prof. Michael Levenson

Program on hold until Fall 2022

Michael Levenson is William B. Christian Professor of English at the University of Virginia and author of A Genealogy of Modernism (Cambridge University Press 1984), Modernism and the Fate of Individuality (Cambridge University Press 1990), The Spectacle of Intimacy (Princeton University Press, co-author Karen Chase 2000), and Modernism from Yale University Press (2011); and editor of the Cambridge Companion to Modernism (2000, 2nd edition 2011).  His book, The Humanities and Everyday Life, was publisged by Oxford in 2017.

Professor Levenson has published essays in such journals as ELH, Novel, Modernism / Modernity, The New Republic, Wilson Quarterly, and Raritan. Among his public lectures are those at Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley, Delhi University and Oxford University.

At the University of Virginia, Professor Levenson has been chair of the English Department and is the founding director of the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures, where he built partnerships with institutes in Nanjing, Shanghai, Delhi, Oxford and London. His teaching has ranged through literary history from the eighteenth century to the present, and more recently toward global cultural studies. For the last twenty years, he has also led summer programs in London. Professor Levenson is the founding Director of UVA in London.